USV or ASV? Autonomy in hydrographic surveying.

Uncrewed or autonomous? USV or ASV?

mKurs is a surface vessel operating without a human on board – it is undoubtedly uncrewed. We talk about autonomy when a vessel “independently” decides about its behavior based on its own “assessment of the situation.” This may be the measurement of specific operating parameters, based on which the ASV modifies its operation, the detection of nearby objects, or the environmental  measurement, for example hydrometeorological parameters. In the case of conducting a bathymetric survey, these will be the parameters of the survey implementation, in particular the current multibeam echosounder data coverage, which translates into planning the next profile. The unmanned mKurs integrated with the data acquisition software of the multibeam echosounder system becomes an ASV.

mKurs compatible with data acquisition programs

The architecture of the mKurs control system enables its seamless integration with hydrographic data acquisition software. The mKurs control system is compatible with NORBIT DCT data acquisition software, allowing you to enjoy excellent quality bathymetric data when your uncrewed unit conducts the survey autonomously. Define the first profile and the final boundary of the survey, and your hydrographic system will plan the remaining profiles, building the DTM in accordance with your assumptions. See how simple it is.

We carried out a demonstration survey in cooperation with NORBIT, installing the highest quality iWBMS multibeam echosounder at mKurs. NORBIT DCT allows you to conduct all data acquisition from one mobile device or computer anywhere in the world. Find the measurement system best suited to your needs by going to and learn more about ASV mKurs: