mKurs by K2sea

mKurs is a compact, very versatile, small unmanned survface vessel, with surprisingly high seaworthiness for its dimensions, prepared to conduct various types of surveys on the water, in particular bathymetric measurements. Its design allows the installation of various measuring devices, including multi-beam echo sounders. Its excellent shape stability guarantees high quality of measurement work results.

All-electric propulsion allows the unit to be used in quiet zones and reduces the carbon footprint of its operations. Small size guarantees easy transport of the unit and allows launching in any place, even with difficult access.

mKurs is equipped with two efficient electric motors with propellers enclosed in Kort nozzles, ensuring high maneuverability and independent power sources for the vessel’s key systems. The hull is divided into three separate watertight compartments, which increases the safety of the unit and gives various possibilities of arranging measuring equipment. We adapt the under-hull gondola to the assembly of measuring devices according to the customer’s order.

Easy, comfortable and safe operation of the unit is ensured by navigation lights and additional position lighting, as well as a camera with high image quality, even in unfavorable lighting conditions. mKurs is equipped with independent emergency stop systems, both remote and physical, increasing the safety of both the unit itself and its surroundings.

mKurs can be controlled in manual mode from radio controller and follow the pre-planned route independently in automatic mode, using high-precision GPS/GNSS RTK positioning.

Length over all1,85 m
Beam0,80 m
Draught0,40 m
Propulsion2 electric engines
Speedup to 5 kn
Autonomydepending on speed, from 6 to 12 h