Kurs by K2sea

Kurs is a retrofit USV project – adaptation of the existing hull for both manual and remote control – from off-board the vessel. As a result we got a multipurpose vessel that can function with the crew on board as well as standalone, under the supervision of the shore operator.

The project is being developed towards multitasking. Ultimately, Kurs can carry out bathymetric measurements, constitute the base of divers, an underwater vehicle operator unit, or reach the desired area on their own.

The vessel is equipped with hydrographic-grade single-beam echosounder and RTK positioning system to provide reliable bathymetric data down to 200 m.

The all-electric propulsion enables the vessel to be used in quite zones and minimizes the carbon footprint of the operation.

Length overall 5,5 m
Beam width 2,0 m
Maximum draught 0,60 m
Propulsion 2 electric motors 24 V 1800 W
Speed 5,0 kn
Autonomy Depends on speed, up to 12 h

More details – soon!