Hydromagic Dredging operational on a dredger on the Wislok river

Hydromagic Dredging software supports dredging operators working on the Wislok reservoir in Rzeszów. The computer system with precise sensors provides information about the dredger’s performance.

Working on the Wislok

Dredging on the reservoir is a complex engineering project aimed at turning the area over its retention functions in the event of a flood and making it an attractive point on the map of the city of Rzeszów. The dredging process visualization system, based on the Hydromagic Dredging software, has been implemented there by K2sea on the cutter dredger operating in the area. It increases the efficiency of work by providing operators with the necessary data on the sediment extraction from the bottom of the river.

Hydromagic Dredging – proffesional solution for all kinds of dredgers

Hydromagic Dredging is a software package dedicated to monitoring the work of various types of dredgers. It can be a separate product or an extension of the Hydromagic Survey version. It provides real-time insight into work parameters and the progress of dredging operations. More at: https://k2sea.pl/produkt/hydromagic-dredging/.

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