Anti-jammer OtoSphere – now from K2sea!

The OtoSphere ™ device is the first professional anti-jammer available to civil users and various industries. It protects the GPS receiver against satellite signal loss caused by jamming, ensuring the continuity of GPS positioning in jamming conditions.

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Jamming – why so serious?

Jamming is the deliberate jamming of a signal in order to prevent telecommunications or positioning by jammed devices. The GPS signal, with a very low signal-to-noise ratio, is extremely susceptible to jamming, and jammers can be found at many online auctions, at prices allowing them to be purchased by virtually everyone. GPS jamming is a method commonly used by thieves of equipment equipped with GPS locators or dishonest drivers of cars covered by GPS tracking. In the context of autonomous cars, drones or watercraft, jamming the GPS / GNSS signal can lead to loss of control over the vessel, or even the loss of the vessel itself and cause unforeseeable damage.


The OtoSphere ™ by Infinidome is a compact device, compatible with any GPS / GNSS receiver working with an antenna with an SMA connector. The Null Steering algorithm implemented in the OtoSphere ™ enables the maintenance of GPS positioning in conditions of interference. LED diodes indicate the correct operation of the device and the fact that jamming has been detected. The EPS version also enables the transmission of the jamming detection signal to an external user device.


  • ensuring the continuity of positioning and control of unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) with speeds up to 150 km/h;
  • protection against theft of vehicles, yachts, trailers, containers and all other objects equipped with GPS locators;
  • Continuity of GPS tracking for business, heavy and special vehicles (vehicles convoying valuables, ambulances, police cars and many others) under jamming conditions.

OtoSphere ™ comes in two power versions:

OtoSphere ™ v2-EPS (External Power Supply) – powered by an external 3-wire 5 VDC – 32 VDC cable with transmission of jamming detection information.

OtoSphere ™ v2-PPS (Phantom Power Supply) – powered by the GPS receiver via the “R” link. The product is available on request. Contact us at


Small dimensions of the housing (70 x 48 x 24 mm) and a high level of resistance to environmental conditions (IP67, operating temperature range from -40°C to + 85°C) enable safe and discreet installation in various types of vehicles, both land, floating and and flying. The assembly is intuitive and the operation is maintenance-free. The device should be connected to the antenna input of the GPS / GNSS receiver using a cable with SMA connector. Two external GPS antennas are connected to OtoSphere ™ to ensure proper operation of the jamming detection algorithm and positioning continuity.

The OtoSphere ™ device requires the connection of two independent GPS / GNSS antennas to operate. The antennas of the renowned U-blox brand recommended by us are available in our store.


Thanks to a unique solution based on the analysis and filtering of signals received by two GPS antennas, OtoSphere ™ ensures the continuity of determining the GPS position under conditions of interference emitted by the jammer.

In the absence of interference, both receivers – OtoSphere ™ protected and unprotected – correctly determine position from multiple satellites (see the picture below):

When the jammer is turned on, only the receivers protected by the OtoSphere ™ can maintain positioning integrity. The other receiver immediately loses its ability to receive the signal and fix its position: