The importance of echosounder transducer

The heart of any sonar is the transducer – the part that converts the electrical signal into an acoustic wave. Generated signal, reflected from the bottom, returns to the sonar. Again, the sonar transducer is responsible for converting the acoustic wave into an electrical signal processed by the processor.

Secret of the manufacturers

The technology of manufacturing the transducers is the biggest secret of the producers. If you ever had the opportunity to visit an echosounder or sonar factory, a place where piezoelectric transducers are fired would probably be the only place where you would not be allowed in, or at least thoroughly checked if you had phone or camera with you.

Art mastered by the few

Not every sonar manufacturer produces the transducers on their own. Some buy them from companies that have an experience in producing these technologically advanced components. One of the most recognized manufacturers of ultrasonic transducers is Airmar. Established nearly 30 years ago, this American company started with the production of transducers for fishfinders. Today it produces a wide range of ultrasonic transducers, also for the most professional hydroacoustic measuring devices.

Most of Airmar’s offer are the so-called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products, i.e. components for echo sounders and sonars. However, the Smart ™ line is different. All the elements necessary to transform the energy of the hydroacoustic wave into useful depth information are placed inside the transducer housing. The Smart ™ sonar is therefore compact, easy to install and reliable.

Airmar in the K2sea offer

In our offer you will find the DST800 model. It is a device integrated with the log, perfect for yachts, ensuring precise measurement of depth, speed, road and water temperature.

The EchoRange™ 200 kHz Smart™ Sensor is a professional model, perfect for integration with an unmanned hydrographic unit.

Please contact us if you are interested in these and other Airmar models.