Services for dredgers

A comprehensive system for positioning and dredging monitoring.

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GPS signal protection

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Automatic energy management in off-grid power systems

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Voltage converters

Cost-effective and reliable voltage converters by Azo Digital.

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Online store

The K2sea online store is the first store in Poland profiled in the construction and automation of small vessels of various types, as well as projects related to positioning and the highest quality power systems.


At K2sea, we develop solutions for the automation of surface vessels control and offer specialized devices, sensors and components for unmanned vessels and other automated systems. We carefully select them so that they meet the highest quality standards, while being intuitive and practical to use. We also provide operator and expert services in the selection of equipment, control, maintenance and operation of manned and unmanned vessels and related training.

Emergency power systems and alternative energy sources

Emergency power systems and alternative energy sources

Voltage converters, energy management in emergency power systems, batteries, solar sets and accessories, professionally selected to meet the customer’s needs.

Dredging monitoring

Dredging monitoring

A comprehensive offer for dredgers and dredgers, ensuring the possibility of monitoring the dredging based on the Hydromagic Dredging software.

GPS RTK positioning

GPS RTK positioning

Devices and accessories for precise RTK positioning for agricultural machines, as well as autonomous and remote-controlled vehicles and units.


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