Let’s begin!

We are starting today with a new online store. We do it in a difficult time, when many of us are struggling with the difficulties caused by the threat of a new, not fully known disease and restrictions introduced to prevent it. At the same time, we are discovering the great possibilities that technology provides us with and that we should use them right now.

How did it all start? Are we opening today a thousandth electronics store or something more?

In the past

The sea has always been with us. We were fascinated, attracted, ordered to risk health and incur costs to experience the boundless space. From under the sails, we have learnt a professional approach, we have learn not only to enjoy the sea, but also to use its potential. Maritime transport connects continents, the bottom contains deposits of necessary substances, not all discovered yet.

Each member of our team spent months at sea. Some of them even years. It was a necessary time to understand 100% information flow in the maritime world and the significance of each element of the great world organism, which is commercial and recreational navigation.


A breakthrough for us was the moment when the owner of K2sea, after years at sea, provided the service as the operator of a unique, remotely controlled unit – USV “Maxlimer”, in the first-ever completely unmanned crossing of the North Sea – from Great Britain to Belgium and back, and then in further commercial projects. The events hit the pages of BBC, The Maritime Executive and Ocean News & Technology news sites. We found ourselves in the center of events, where unmanned vessels really begin to change the reality of the maritime shipping. And where it turns out that a person can successfully and in real conditions control a vessel, not necessarily from its deck. And after the watch, simply go home.

Yes, we know that for this experiment, to become the norm, there is still a long way to go, full of technical problems in some areas and legal doubts in almost all. At the same time, a completely new branch of industry and innovation is developing – vessels autonomy. It has already reached an exceptional level for aircraft – drones. A lot of energy is devoted to the topic of autonomous cars. Is it the same for vessels? It is possible that the answer is ‘yes’.


Progress in this niche field will be the sum of smaller projects, individual solutions that will allow to build this new marine organism – with man at the decision-making center, and not necessarily on the rolling deck. Each, even the smallest innovative project in this field, will bring you closer to this beautiful vision. Each prototype or serial unit will need sensors – easily integrated, cooperating with each other, allowing the custom configuration to the large extent. That kind of sensors give more possibilities than just looking at the screen or registering data in a proprietary format. We will be guided by such criteria when choosing products for the K2sea store. There will be no accidental things here. If the product appears theres, it means that it will work in a project in the field of autonomy or robotics, or simply allow you to achieve more!

Welcome to the K2sea Store.