Hydromagic Dredging monitoring and control system introduced into the bucket ladder dredger

We have implemented a positioning and excavation control system on a bucket ladder dredger – the largest and most efficient machine deepening the reservoir on the Wisłok River in Rzeszów.

Bucket ladder dredger

The bucket ladder dredger is an impressive, over 30-meter-long machine that extracts the spoil from the bottom of the reservoir with significant efficiency. It is the basis of a complex engineering project which is the restoration of the retention and recreational functions of the part of the Wisłok River in Rzeszów, Poland. Precise positioning and control of the machine’s location in the place where the excavated material is extracted is the basis for its effective operation.

Hydromagic Dredging and necessary sensors

Professional Hydromagic Dredging software visualizes in real time and records data from sensors placed on the excavator, giving the operator information about the current location of the machine and the area where the assumptions for aggregate extraction have already been implemented. This minimizes unnecessary movements of the excavator, reduces the risk of skipping a part of the area to which return is technically difficult and expensive, and significantly increases the efficiency of the operation, which translates into a reduction in the costs of using the machine. The Hydromagic Dredging system can be configured for various types of dredgers. We have implemented a similar system on a cutter dredger operated in the same body of water.

K2sea offer for dredgers and floating excavators

K2sea offers a comprehensive system for work monitoring of dredgers and excavators, based on the Eye4Software Hydromagic Dredging software. It provides real-time insight into operating parameters and dredging status. It can be a separate product or an extension of the Hydromagic Survey version. Hydromagic tools enable gridding of collected data, creation of a digital terrain model and its export; real-time determination of the tide according to RTK measurements, conversion of cartographic projections and many other options for data analysis and reporting. Hydromagic is a product of the Dutch company Eye4Software, recognized for their bathymetric data collection software widely used in hydrography, also on unmanned vessels.